Collection: Settlement Of The Heart

MDX Graduate -

Mariana De Lima (Rat Prints) is a Portuguese textile artist & fashion designer specialising in print & is
committed to working sustainably by upcycling existing materials. Her artistic focus
addresses current issues & expresses her personal reactions, emotions & life experiences
through textiles. Rat Prints aims to extend & enhance the body, creating a harmonious
"second skin" with fluid movement inbuilt. Her graduate collection pays homage to the
influential women in her life, shedding light on their struggles within patriarchal societies. The collection featured a powerful fashion performance using reconstructed stretch fabrics,
including repurposed tights & other feminine garments, conveying a delicate balance of
strength & fragility. Looking ahead, Mariana's goal is to showcase her future fashion
collections in a more artistic manner, moving beyond superficial runway shows &
emphasising the deeper meaning behind her designs.

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