Collection: Bergie Bags - by GIORGANDREAZZA

‘Giorgiandreazza’ was founded in Milan by Giorgia herself. Inspired by her family roots in the Italian fashion industry, her creations express an idea that fashion describes entities, not specific gender or sex. 

Their pieces identify with dynamism, spacing from the filtered observation of art forms to the attention for the details in a way that is complex and maniacal.

A lover of transform-ism and evolution, the result is a mix of deconstructed forms with high quality Italian fabrics.

They pride themselves in creating full value to each piece; each item being a completely unique, handmade piece with family production origin, thus making their entire collection made to order.

The strong aesthetics goes back to socio-cultural inspirations, environmental situations and political movements. These aspects are strengthened by the choice of fabrics; High quality high-tech, coated, water-repellent,fireproof and bulletproof hybrid materials. 

Always interested in the art and fashion world, Giorgia started her journey at a Professional institute of fashion based in Breganze (VI) followed by graduating the New Academy Of Fine Arts (NABA) Fashion Design Branch in March of 2018 with full marks. During these years Giorgiandreazza showcased Their collections at numerous locations such as Milan (supported by Camera Moda), Paris and Shanghai, of which she was mentioned in publications like Vogue,GQ, i-D , ELLE, GRAZIA and Billboard, with mention to their aesthetics. 

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