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A1J is a London based brand created by Yue Yang, a Kam minority from Beijing. For A1J's 2020 collection, it tells a story about independent working women having a secret life. Yue had this idea of making a collection about city women during her quarantine time. By bringing urban tales and independent women characters together, Yue designed a line of clothing through her female gaze. She was inspired by traditional Qipao and Cheongsam suit and mixed their elements with traditional Italian tailored suit. She created a bunny girl inspired by Beijing folklore "bunny god". The bunny was originally a male bunny god of wellbeing, the new character however is a rock n roll and bossy bunny. There are many unique hand made pieces such as hand painted dress and tufted carpet skirt etc. Yue also like to use bio-materials, for example she collaborated with Shunxin Xiao, a Bio-plastic maker to coat the buttons in agar and food colouring. 

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