Rosie Evans AW20: Quick, let's go mad together

Rosie Evans AW20: Quick, let's go mad together

This season was tempestuous, such as the magic of Prospero’s storm, the collection as drunkenly inspired by lockdown madness was it was by home comforts. 

As the threat of Corona rose, like a lot of the population of London, I escaped to the country. Back to South Wales, where the air was clear and my childhood disease weakened immune system wasn’t at risk. During lockdown I fell into a routine of once a day walking through the familiar forests and pebble studded sands of my home town, quickly growing both bored and intrigued by its small town atmosphere. 

The campaign shot on one of the last days of summer, and weeks before Wales was put back into lockdown, two lovers take their pent up attraction to the woods, finding themselves frolicking amongst the isle, an of our time Miranda and Ferdinand.

Styled with the found ribbons tied around limbs, a reference to Peter Greenaway’s black comedy Drowning by Numbers which I fell in love with over lockdown, and the protective hagstone and shell jewellery of Lady



Dipping back into knitwear, which I studied at uni, I worked in vintage yarns and sustainably sourced British wool. The Power Patch jumper, designed in collaboration with crochetier Sophie Spratley, is made from donated wool from my community in Wales, knitted in individual graphic floral and textured motifs. While the Sagittarius vest references my astrological star sign and takes cues from 1950’s fisherman knits. 

Updating my classic patchwork textile, the skirts and bodices made from remnant silk linings, upholstery sample book fabric and vintage tapestries. The brightly coloured Winning Place corset uses unwanted marathon medal ribbons which my aunt had collected from her running group.  

A dedication to sustainability continues into the outerwear pieces, a loose fit zip up jacket made from a 1960's welsh woollen blanket and a 90’s woven rug turned into the Sacred Blanket Pullover.

My brand identity is tied to my love of corsets, the self titles corset queen and this season practicality was finally considered, with zip up options for the deadstock Longing Velvet Set and graphic prints on the long awaited Lonely Heart corset. 

The collection’s feverishness attitude was a love letter to lockdown, myself and history and to that what’s yet to come.


Words by Rosie Evans


Photographer of Camcorder Photos and Video: Rosie Evans @artsrosie
Digital Photographer: Megan Winstone @meganwinstonephoto
Art Direction: Charlotte Wilcock @charlottewilcock_
Models: Sonny Barthley @sonnybarthley & Sionned Mason-Smith @sionedmasonsmith
Styling Assistant: Lily Machlab @lilymachlab
Jewellery Designer: Lizzie Anderson 'Lady' @ladyp.meshop 
Music: Jack Spittle, Kaproww, 'brace' @kaprowwww420
Crochet Designer (Patchwork jumper): Sophie Spratley

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