Introducing; Zinzi, Elena and Djenaba

Introducing; Zinzi, Elena and Djenaba

The 50m Community is ever-growing with exciting new designers and artists. In our most recent e-commerce shoot we collaborate with three London based creatives; Zinzi, Elena and Djenaba. Through dynamic poses they showcase our designers' creative energy, allowing 50m to share the excitement of our vibrant talent with our customers during their online shopping experience. 

Join us as Zinzi, Elena and Djenaba perform a 10 minute piece to share with the 50m community.

Zinzi ‘FAUCI’ - Choreographer and Dance Artist

“This sharing was a movement improvisation to a meditation style track that I made [L00PS2REFLECT2]. I made this track for healing purposes for when I’m creatively stuck, to reflect to, or if I’m in need of reminding of who I am. This performance for me was just an honest showcasing of how I had been feeling; it had been a long while since I had performed or danced at all. In this sharing you can see me learning how to use and move my body again. To more healing opportunities…”

Elena Hoskyns-Abrahall - Performance Artist and Sculptor, ‘Keep eating actual food so you don’t get saccharin shits.’ (2020) 

“We as human beings spend a great deal of time curating public identities for the benefit those around us, with an aim to assimilate. In the context of this piece, the gum becomes an allegory for the glossy trivialities of pop culture, which we use to mask the reality of the human condition. The bust becomes an almost deity, the perfect aspirational figure that the performer is trying desperately to emulate but is fundamentally failing. The human beneath the mask always finds a way of slipping through and the illusion is shattered.

In a literal sense, the title speaks of the laxative qualities of the sugar substitute saccharin often found in gum. However metaphorically speaking, it makes reference to the importance of self-preservation. You must consume more than surface level frivolities to mentally sustain yourself.”


Djenaba ‘Damsel Elysium’ - Visual and Auditory Artist

“I perform improvisational compositions using my double bass and/or violin, and a loop station to layer contrasting melodies, drones and textures. I draw from loose visions/ideas in my mind and untouched emotions deep within. My goal; to make these personal experiences interactive and to engulf the environment with a subconscious ocean of sound and texture.  In this performance at 50m, I use my double bass to improvise a three part soundscape exploring the soft and callous textures of 'Tides', the potent chiming of 'Bells' and melodic bickering echoes 'A Conversation between Sisters'. 

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Models: Zinzi, Elena, Djenaba 
Photography and Direction: Verity Smiley-Jones
Styling: Katharina Uhe
Assistant: Gloria 


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