Hurtence: Creating Whilst Isolating Series

Hurtence: Creating Whilst Isolating Series

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I am very material led - if I find a fabric I love I usually start to think of what it could turn into. I really like being in antique and junk shops, so sometimes there are objects that I try to recreate in hat form. 

How did you learn how to design clothes? 

I’m self-taught but my grandma taught me to sew when I was little. 

Can you show us your process of making a hat? 

How are you sustainable?

Everything I use from fabrics to zips are second had or re-purposed. I try to use old threads too but it’s harder to come by quality ones. I also have many bags that fill my studio stuffed with off cuts that I am sure I will find use for again.

Do you do commissions and collaborations? 

Yes of course! 

Do you take interns? 

Maybe next year… I have a few projects planned I might need help with!


Do you think you would ever start designing other accessories? For example; Belts.

I collected so many belt buckles over the years, so potentially!

Are you working on any new designs at the moment? 

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