Hardeman x Feeld x 50m: A Day in the Feeld

Hardeman x Feeld x 50m: A Day in the Feeld

Hosted at 50m back in August last year, which coincidentally was one of the hottest summer days, Dutch denim aficionados Hardeman collaborated with the inclusive dating app Feeld, to present their “Hard Love” collection in a completely interactive and sensual way at 50m.

The event commenced with Hardeman’s presentation, which featured bleached denim two-pieces, tie-dyed graphic sweats, chaps fit for the New Age cowboy and cowgirl, as well as peek-a-boo bumster trousers, for a cheeky surprise. The models were like denim-draped, red-rose-armed cherubs, ready to shoot their arrows of love through the public’s hearts!
Advocating transparency, as well as helping individuals to openly explore their sexualities, Feeld heightened the experience by incorporating a speed-dating element
after the titillating presentation.

Speaking to Flaunt magazine, designer Sophie Hardeman explained “I believe there is a strong social implementation that being in a relationship equals to some sort of 'primary success' and even that has invisibly defined rules set within our social structures to what that should look like ... speed dating is fun because it’s more open and leads to friendship and conversation”. Challenging the notion of heteronormativity, the event saw an amalgam of genders and sexualities getting up close and personal, sharing stories and maybe even a few sweet-nothings. It was a safe yet exploratory space, where anyone from the public to the Canadian-Tuxedoed models could get flirty and plan an after-party rendezvous or two.

Pictures by Julia Howe
Words by Jasmine Miller Sauchella


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