Home of Hai

Home of Hai

Traversing boundaries between Shanghai and London, Hai fuses the highlights of two different dynamic and spirited sides of the world. 

Coming from a music background and feeling as an outsider in the fashion, Tessa launched Home of Hai. Off to a strong start at LFW, the brand has been modernising silk bags through utilising strong and durable Chinese silks paired with vibrant colours and functional, yet elegant designs. The playful line features classically Chinese materials including silk and bamboo. Modernised into stylish and elegant bags in playfully vibrant colours that sit comfortably alongside day-wear to evening-wear. 

Pink little silk bag

Green little silk bag

The design for the bags gradually came together through a synergy of ideas ranging from the silk bags that Tessa owned when she was younger or would see on the streets in China to updating its classical aesthetic with a playful twist by harnessing an iconic Chinese material: Bamboo.⠀⠀⠀

Blue silk bamboo bag 

Pink silk bamboo bag











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