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For the first time ever, customers are being given an opportunity to purchase a unique session with Lantink himself. In the appointment, you are invited to bring a designer garment to present to Lantink personally where he will listen to the story of the piece before reconstructing and reassembling it in his Amsterdam studio. Your chosen item will be returned to you refreshed with a new lease of life after being re-purposed; fusing your piece with other garments received over the duration of his residency at 50m.

Your item is one coat. You are asked to bring one coat which will be merged with another item brought to Lantink as part of his collaboration at 50m and fused into a brand new coat.

Please note, that by taking part you are giving Duran full creative control of what happens to your item. 50m nor Duran Lantink will  be able to offer any compensation or refund if you are not happy with it. You item will be returned to you within one month. 

A member of the 50m team will be in touch via email to organise your appointment, once you have purchased an appointment. 

Appointments can be conducted through Skype.