Aqua Little Silk Bag

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Hai by designer Tessa Vermulen aims to challenge the negative connotation of of 'Made In China' something she has never understood as China has always produced some of the worlds finest fabrics. These playful little bags are made from 100% mulberry silk, working with a small factory in Suzhou, which is seen as the silk capital of China, if not the world.

The bags' design references those the designer used to own as a child in the 90's growing up in China, and those she would see carried by fashionable ladies on the streets, those bags were mostly heavily embroidered, Hai  modernises  the silk bag, taking away excessive embellishment. The signature Hai 'Bamboo Bag' of course also harnesses an iconic Chinese material; bamboo.

- 100% Mulberry Silk

- Made In China