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Dorota Bojanowska is a multidisciplinary artist and designer currently based in London. Before studying MA Fashion Menswear at the RCA, she graduated from BA Design at Goldsmiths, University of London. She works in serigraphy, dry point, painting, illustration and speculative design. As a creator, Dorota believes true importance lies within the authenticity of work. Beauty through imperfection, handcraft, individuality and emotional durability are the key values she follows within her creative process. She explores the concepts of human identity and diversity, slow design methodologies and democratisation of pragmatic design and art. 

Sustainable angle: Dorota believes that by starting work locally, we can feasibly help others, and that the world needs to shift from mass production to more directly aimed at human and environmental care. We need to realise what is truly needed in our lives and how we can achieve this by supporting and engaging in more productive and sustainable ideas.

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