Photocopy: Go Itami

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“Rather than a photobook where two images are visible at once, this book was created to show only one single photograph at a time. What is the experience of seeing a single photograph? The human field of view is large: when you look at a photographic image, you look at the image but also at everything that surrounds it. I have thought about looking at a single image without becoming too conscious of other things that enter the eye. As a result, the pages in this photobook are turned at the top left corner. You can look through the entire photobook with full concentration, without changing the position of your head or your line of sight. I had no particular intentions for the order of the images, and so the photographs in each of the 1000 copies of this photobook are in a different order.”

— from the artist's statement

Published by Rondade,

132 pgs, 37 × 26 cm, Hardcover, 2017,